Q: When would I sign a lease?
A: The lease is signed as soon as you know you want the apartment. Call our office to schedule an appointment and to complete paperwork. You would need the full security deposit and application fee. All roommates need to sign the lease. We suggest you have at least an hour to read, ask questions and sign all forms at the lease signing.

Q: When are apartments available for viewing?
A: We are generally available to show apartments weekdays during business hours. Call our office at 315-445-1229 to schedule an appointment. Please make sure all potential renters are available at the same time.

Q: How do I keep the same apartment that I already occupy?
A: You must notify our office that you wish to renew, at which point, forms will be sent for you to sign and return to our office.

Q: How do I keep the same apartment, but have different roommates?
A: Notify our office that you wish to renew, but will have new roomates. You and your new roomates will then schedule an appointment to come into our office to complete the paperwork, including security deposits paid by any new roommates.

Q: What is needed at the time of the signing of the lease?
A: 1. All roommates must be present to sign the lease and fill out all paperwork. 2. A valid government issued photo ID. 3. Your social security number. 4. The full security deposit equal to one month rent and application fee ($30.00)(cash, check, or money order). 5. Proof of income.

Q: What is included in the furnished apartments?
A: The apartments at 205 Comstock Ave. are furnished with a single bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, couch, kitchen table and chairs.

Q: What do I need to do to schedule moving into my apartment?
A: At least two weeks prior to your move in date, you need to do the following: 1. Contact our office during business hours to schedule a date and time to meet at your apartment for a check in. 2. If you pay for utilities, call National Grid @ 800-932-0301 to have the gas and/or electric service turned on. 3. Contact Time Warner Cable @ 315-634-6000 for cable and/or internet service or land line or contact Verizon for Fios Service. Time Warner may require you to have a letter from our office granting permission for service. Call our office two weeks prior to have this letter sent to you. 5. We highly recommend renters insurance prior to moving into the apartment. This is not only for theft, but any damage (i.e. fire, water...) that may occur. Renters insurance is available from any insurance agency or for students as a rider on your parent's policy.

Q: How do I check out of my apartment?
A: Call our office at 315-445-9914 at least one week prior to moving our to schedule an appointment for our personnel to meet you at the apartment to do a walk through. At the time of the check out, all personal items must be out of the apartment and the apartment should be in the same condition as when you moved in (refer to the check in form).

Q: What is the procedure for returning keys?
A: All keys are returned at the scheduled time of check out.

Q: What is the procedure for returning parking permits?
A: All parking permits are returned at the time of the scheduled check out.

Q: What should be done to get the apartment ready for the check out?
A: We ask that the apartment be in the same condition as when you moved in, less ordinary wear and tear. All personal belongings are to be removed, and the apartment is to be clean. This includes the following: 1. Vacuum all floors and carpets. 2. Wash all floors, including woodwork. 3. Carpets should be professionally shampooed if necessary. 4. Wash refrigerator (including under the bins, freezer, shelves, inside doors, exterior and top of rubber seal). Defrost freezer if it is not a frost free. 5. The oven and broiler (including pan) should be thoroughly cleaned. The top burner area and under the cook top should also be cleaned and all grease removed from the top and sides of stove. 6. Wash bathrooms (tub, faucets, sink, vanity, toilet- including around base and floor). 7.All walls should be free of dirt, holes and any other damages. 8.Wash the interior and exterior of all cabinets.

Q: Is parking available?
A: Parking at most properties is limited. There is a fee for parking for residents of 205 Comstock Ave, 620 Euclid Ave, 624 Euclid Ave and 818 Westcott St. Spaces are available on a first come first served basis upon signing leases.

Q: How do I get a parking space?
A: Parking is on a first come first served basis upon signing leases. Permits will be issued to those that have reserved a space after the parking form is returned to our office. The forms will be mailed in late August to residents that have reserved a space.

Q: I am living in the same apartment as last year and have a reserved space, do I need a new permit?
A: Yes. The previously issued permit should be returned to our office and you will receive the new one after you have filled out and returned the parking form to our office.

Q: What do I do if I get a different car during the year?
A: You need to immediately call or e-mail our office with the updated vehicle information (i.e.: make, model, year, color, license plate #, and state),your name, address and apartment number.

Q: Can my guests park in the parking area?
A: No. They must park in the street or be towed at the owner's expense.

Q: How do I reach someone for a maintenance repair or problem?
A: Call our office during business hours (Monday - Friday 9:00-5:00) to report non-emergency problems.

Q: How do I reach someone for an emergency during non-business hours?
A: Call our office @ 315-445-9914 to reach our answering service and they will contact maintenance if it is a true emergency.

Q: What is considered a maintenance emergency?
A: An emergency would be no heat (make sure that it is not a National Grid problem in your area), sewer back-up into the building, severe plumbing leaks, electrical dangers...